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Healing Garden Design : An introduction

July 2021         Limited to 8 people          BOOKINGS NOW OPEN 

A profoundly thought provoking course designed for those in the field of Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture, Gardeners, Horticulturalists and keen garden lovers over 3 days, on Sat 24th & Sun 25th July. and Sun 15th Aug. 2021.

When emotional pain is buried, we begin the process of illness. Creating a deep and personal connection to nature, to hope and dreams brings feelings of safety & upliftment, enabling a letting go, the state where spiritual growth and wellness can thrive. Creators of gardens must understand these connections to help people and nature heal together, feeding the spirit and ability to find more harmony in life. This course will give you an introduction to these concepts with the skills to begin work focussing on this emerging and important field. A recent article in Green Magazine with designer Jo Ferguson gives a great perspective on her design philosophy as it has developed following completing this course.

‘A game changer for Jo was a weekend course she did on Healing Gardens with Betsy-Sue of Dirtscape Dreaming. teach designers how to design gardens for clients (and themselves) that could transcend the normal considerations and be used to soften past hurts or feelings of frustration and sadness. Getting inside the head of the person you are designing a garden for - or with - to find out what they really want’

New Beginning article with Jo Ferguson, Green Magazine, issue 79


Briefly, we will explore what makes a garden a healing space, how we connect to our spiritual self through nature, understanding energy and how to improve it, emotional pain and illness, associating positive memories and feelings in gardens, how to listen to people’s needs, designing intuitively & reflecting on the results. The course is delivered through discussion, visual material, practical exercises & a design assignment.


Landscape, garden designers and associated professionals, avid home gardeners interested in healing gardens, those interested in emotional healing, nature connection and spiritual growth. Whilst aspects of the course are presented as the designer & client interview techniques, they are equally applicable in everyday life. An interest in creating a healing garden is necessary. The course is intensive and generous in sharing of specific knowledge and concepts not available anywhere else.


Betsy-Sue Clarke is leading a movement of change in how we connect to nature in parks and gardens. When fighting for wellness through chronic illness, Betsy-Sue discovered her own connection to nature and spirit was integral to her healing. Embarking on a journey of discovery and spiritual learning in 2009, her design work evolved through that knowledge and guidance, taking her into the very special way she now has of working with clients to help them know themselves and align them with the garden they really need. The determination to share her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm to the world through Healing Gardens is felt by all who listen. Betsy-Sue’s background in Oncology nursing has brought an acute awareness to the urgency for emotional healing for us all and her own journey of discovery and learning is both inspiring and enlightening.