My company exists to focus on you. I want to know what your dreams are, the childhood memories that make you wistful, the holidays that charged your soul and the memories you’d like to create.

Our work is to create feeling, so it’s no surprise that clients describe the effect of their garden as being life changing. That tells you it’s more than a trend, rather a way of being and discovery. Each garden belongs with its owners, a reflection of all they share about themselves. They are very personal, creating feelings of safety and sanctuary instantly. That means the mind can let go and allow you to connect to a much bigger picture of you. When I know you, I can design and create the inspiring garden you are yearning for, large or small. Imagine an inspiring environment to rest from the world and just be in nature – at home, at work, where you seek health care, where you connect to your community or where you seek solace, healing and reflection. Think about the imagination and creativity a child finds in a playground crafted from nature and how that might change how they cope with stress as an adult. Nature helps us find ways through the ups and downs of life and nurtures us with exquisite beauty and power along the way.  Our gardens belong in every place you need to be.