Tiny Tranquil City Courtyard

Protection, reflection and tranquility speak volumes in this tiny series of garden spaces influenced by age old Arabic culture, a search for peace and memories of simple craftsmanship with beautiful detailing.

Sorrento Retreat

Playful individuality on a steep slope where an adult retreat perches high in the trees with ponds hugging the house as it steps down to flat ground. Pondering spots, picnic places and a beautiful energy flow easily around this beautiful garden.

Peaceful Retreat an Award Winning Garden

A long held dream of a de-stressing in a spectacular garden became reality when the owner shared memories of special places in her life. Winner of Australian Design award for residential landscape design.

Coastal whimsy in beachfront Beaumaris

As the true characters of the owners emerged in getting to know them, this coastal garden transformed from a gloomy, cypress wrapped disaster to a celebration of beachy collections, layered windswept planting and a whimsical welcome.

Nestled lawns and secret gardens in heritage Hawthorn

A garden to tempt discovery needs intrigue, seclusion and the hint of more to come. Nestled in joyous golden planting, the openness of lawn rests the eye while secret paths roam through the background to excite the grandchildren.

Art and food in a Melbourne sanctuary

When the architecture fails to connect to the garden, clever design is crucial to draw the owners into the tiny courtyard. Art and food became the focus of this garden, linking disparate areas together with a rhythm and harmony that's just easy to live in.