Building life after death

With raw agony my friend and client described the last hours of her child, a cavernous hole in her heart etched two years ago. She is exhausted from working, hard labour building this garden, her therapy. It’s a vast landscape designed in different times and only realised since that day. Passionate environmental responsibility is now carried in her heart for him, the birds and creatures so grateful to both.
We wander the vast landscape, bountiful with every fruit, vegetable, herb and nut. A lake for him, his place, home to frogs, birds, lizards and his distraught mother. Building this she feels him near. It busies her enough to survive another day. Amongst the days she has found some laughter, some joy and many many tears. Trees thrive, flowers bloom and another day begins a little brighter than the last.
I am in awe of my friend. She will bring this healing way to many more who find themselves lost in life. Nature can take the worst agony away little by little. Just take the first step.