Floriferousness at the flower show

Forgive me… but I’m very very excited for there’s change a coming in your backyards people! Our beloved landscape industry has finally learnt that curves are good, that not all that is built is garden, that green living things really romp it in compared to green plastic things, that not all water features are water features at all and finally, that there is topography in nature and its … LOVELY!

Urbaneco & Dirtscape Dreaming collaborate at the Melbourne Flower show
This garden is ours – a collaborative project with the guys at Urbaneco. We love them, they understand nature in gardens and are learning quickly about softly softly with the building bits. I am excited, so excited to see more soft and pretty gardens this year than masculine testaments to architectural fantasy posing as outdoor spaces. It makes my heart sing to know that we are moving this way at last and not a moment too soon. Take heart my nature starved home owners, real gardens will be on your wishlist soon because you will see them in magazines, in your neighborhood and at your friend’s place. Then I hope, you will decide to listen to the yearning inside of you for real life and the peace inside that only nature will bring.