Over the hills and far away

I saw some of the magnificent courtyside near my back door today, wandering through Leongatha, Korumburra and Foster, near Wilson’s Promintory National Park in South Gippsland. It reminded me of the Lake District in England without the lakes. Rolling green treed hills weave a captivating rhythym to the sea and I loved it.

The rolling green hills of Leongatha
It had me wondering whether gardens are necessary when a view like this is greeting you at breakfast time. I decided they are. Very necessary and here’s why:What if that view had a few hundred cows lined up for milking? This is dairy country and the reality is that rural properties are often working farms. What if your mind told you that every time you look at that view or stepped outside, it meant work?We forget to nurture ourselves in so many ways that are so powerful to our sense of wellbeing. A secluded seat near a beautiful rambling vegie patch bursting with roses, perennials and herbs amongst the vegies with some shady trees nearby might be just the reviver the milkman needs. If you still associate that only with work then the right spot tucked into your garden just for retreat is just so important for you.

Farmer’s retreat near the dam

 If you choose to work on the land because you love the land, then when the land represents only work to you, it’s time to find that love again in a part that will only ever be garden sanctuary.

Somewhere to lose yourself in scent