The adventure called ‘life’

Where have I been.. 

Nature in a different country is still the same cradling arms, the same powerful energy, the same teacher. I’ve been on an adventure of love and it must have consumed me for a time. In the time since I last wrote here I lived years in just months and I’m not certain if I’m all in one place yet, so out I go to nature and look up. There is the sky doing the next breathtaking melange of prettiness, there is the moon cutting perfect crescents in the blackness, there is the sun bursting out of the horizon sending birds everywhere into a cacophony of happy dances.

IMG_4316 P1050201 IMG_4394 IMG_4086

We are endurance athletes when it comes to love said Leonardo. I wonder if we could all make this business of living an extraordinary life just a little easier. When we contain living into a small box because we are afraid that stretching, opening, letting go, learning is too painful.. we make it a roller coaster life. Every little while a burst of extraordinary living erupts because it can’t be contained any longer, but that can be such a volcanic spurt of emotion and then all is packed into the familiar box again. Fingers burnt, safer in the box. There’s so much beauty in the everyday of nature if your eyes are switched on. It just keeps giving. Every day the sun comes up. Every night it paints the change in colours we know as sunset. Every night the moon lights a hole in the back. 

I found some tenacious nature. In the tiniest little crevice in the pavement a magnificent absurdly huge hollyhock just leapt up to smack every passerby with a kiss of pinkness. There you go, take that, I’m going to give pretty pink no matter what mood you are in or how tough you think you have it, just see me..


Endurance. If only we could make bigger holes in the pavement for all the magnificence to burst out, it would be less volcanic, less all or nothing. Maybe even a garden that thrives, never knowing a box called safety. Me.. hurt and wounded but no more safety. I’ve known the taste of really living and I won’t be blooming through the cracks of safety again.