The Pop up Park has sprouted


In less than a week a 10m x 6m patch of concrete floor in Melbourne Exhibition Centre will become a park. all being well… It’s not a new concept but a very well received one wherever it occurs. We’re nature deprived human beings hungry for more green after all. This one is a little different though because it’s in the midst of a trade exhibition – Design and Decoration fair. Around my little forest will be acres of furniture, luscious interiors and every kind of interior decoration you can imagine. I just hope my trees dont bring birds with them this time..Image

The park will be a refuge from the relentless fluro lights and sales pitches, a place to sit and have lunch, to breathe the scent of the forest and absorb some nature. It also has a message. Why do we shut nature outside? To help park goers think about this, we’ve got some interior elements woven into the park and some park marching through what could be a lounge room. And why not? Who wouldn’t love to have a bath under a waterfall and walk over a creek to get to it, all in the privacy of your own home? We have the technology to live with nature. Let’s do it.