Trauma, Children and the coming of Nature

Standing to attention, expressionless and on edge, he awaited instruction. No emotion, just driven efficiency in a little 7 year old robotic boy. 3 girls chattering away while happily digging holes for pots of yellow daisies. He becomes the waterer, moving diligently from plant to plant. The girls start squealing and jumping away; a worm has been unearthed and a strike called. I whisper to the boy – ‘would you like to show these girls how to hold a worm and not be afraid?’
He opens his hand, the slightest glimmer of a smile on his lips. The obese worm writhes across his palm and hero status is assured. 3 determined girls line up for the worm, taller somehow. In time, the worm has its palm and the squeals begin again. He stands in pride now.
Thank you Mother Nature for the worms.