When nature is your Prozac

What does it mean to ‘lose’ yourself in the garden when you ‘should’ be doing other things? Let’s just take a different view on that.. one that would impact the bottom line of drug companies in the western world.. What does it mean to lose yourself in other things when you would be much healthier by losing yourself in a garden? Who decided that time in the garden was at the bottom of your priority list anyway? Are those who would judge you for losing yourself in nature worth more to you than yourself? Or is it you doing the judging on behalf of all the impossible perfectionism fed as childhood conditioning?
However you find your way to denying yourself that time to be lost,   s t o p   i t   n o w
Come with me on a tour of BIG nature. This is what I call those places I’ve found that 1: Take my breath away, 2: Make me feel capable of anything, 3: Switch off my mind and let my most creative ideas fill me up and 4: Fill me with hope. There you go, Prozac without a pill.

Tranquility at William Rickett's sanctuary, Dandenongs, Melbourne
Tranquility at William Rickett's sanctuary, Dandenongs, Melbourne
Mountains in Vietnam are especially good.
Fishing on Yellow Water, Kakadu, N.T.
The power of a crashing waterfall
The mammoth presence and colour of Uluru
Spend as long as you want here. Lose yourself and feel every cell in your body thank you for letting them have time out to heal a little. You ask so very much from every one of them yet they are what enables you to continue the Business of Life.